Val Velocity
A picture of Val after he dyed his hair






assumed to be Male




Vampire Teeth necklace, Red/White hair


No information

Birth Date



The Ultra V's


The Unknown, death


Val Velocity (comic book) is the leader of the Killjoy group The Ultra V's which The Girl could be counted as a part of, but he thinks that the Girl is a waste of time. He is shown constantly reminding her how insignificant she is and how the originals could still be alive if they weren't protecting her. Val doesn't think the Girl is anything special, unlike the original Killjoys who treated her like a prophet.

He is also very stubborn and wants things to be done his way. He only believes in things he can shoot, and so when deaths or other things occur he can either seem to be heartless, or take it more seriously than anyone else.

The first time you meet Val Velocity he is shown with white, or platinum blonde hair. A while later in the comic, he has dyed his hair saying "I'm gonna show everyone how things should be done and they'll forget Poison even existed. When they see red, they'll think of Val Velocity. I'm taking his color."

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