The Fabulous Killjoys are a group of four Killjoys based out of a diner in Zone Six. Their leader is a red-head known as Party Poison (Gerard Way), other members include Fun Ghoul (Frank Iero), Kobra Kid (Mikey Way), and Jet Star (Ray Toro). The Killjoys face a dangerous fight between themselves and the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit hired by Better Living Industries (BL/ind). They often find themselves in the hands of the Draculoids (hired by BL/ind) and the head exterminator Korse (also hired by BL/ind). They spend their time fighting crime with battery powered guns called Individuals in the desert outside of Battery City.

Party Poison

Gerard Way as Party Poison in the Na Na Na music video

Fun Ghoul

Frank Iero as Fun Ghoul in the Na Na Na music video

Kobra Kid

Mikey Way as Kobra Kid in the Na Na Na music video

Jet Star

Ray Toro as Jet Star in the Na Na Na music video

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