Show Pony
Name: Show Pony
Nickname: Pony
Faction: Killjoy
Gender: Non-binary (maybe)
Age: [probably in their 20's]

Roller skates, white crop top with 'NOISE' print, blue helmet, polka dot tights

Status: Alive as of 2039
Birth Date: [Unknown]
Affiliates: Dr. Death Defying
Weakness: [Unknown]

Show Pony is the assistant of Dr. Death Defying, known for wearing obnoxious polka-dot patterns. They are played by independent pop artist and producer Ricky Rebel. (However, it was said that they were going to be portrayed by Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence, but the role was switched because Jimmy couldn't skate.)

Show Pony is usually portrayed as wearing a blue helmet, white crop top with the word 'NOISE' printed on the front in black, white leggings and roller skates. There are rumors that they're wearing a binder under their top. They appear in the Danger Days comic (for a single panel) in the year 2039 and in the "Na Na Na" and "SING" music videos released by the rock band My Chemical Romance that took place futuristically in 2019.

Show Pony was also referred to as “Dr D’s robot friend” by Gerard at a con meeting, however, nobody is sure of the validity of this claim, and some don’t accept it as canon material.


Show Pony was seen in the beginning of the Na Na Na video, delivering a vinyl to Dr. Death Defying. The SURVEILLANCE VIDEO 1D showed Show Pony roller skating, possibly before the beginning of the Na Na Na video.

Show Pony was last seen at the end of the SING video, helping The Girl into the van with Dr. Death Defying in Battery City, at BL/ind's facility. Show Pony doesn't have an active role in the story of the Killjoys comic, though they appear in the girl's flashback of the events of the SING video in issue 2 and in the background of a group photo of Show Pony, Dr. Death Defying, and DJ Cherri Cola owned by Dr. Death Defying in issue 4.

Trivia Edit

  • Show Pony is often interpreted to have a nonbinary gender by fans. It has also been speculated that they wear a chest binder under the crop top.