Show Pony
Name: Show Pony
Nickname: Pony
Faction: Killjoy
Gender: Generally considered to be non-binary
Age: [Unknown]

Roller skates, white crop top with 'NOISE' print, blue helmet

Status: Alive [presumably]
Birth Date: [Unknown]
Affiliates: Dr. Death Defying
Weakness: [Unknown]

Show Pony is the assistant of Dr. Death Defying, known for wearing obnoxious polka-dot patterns. They are played by independent pop artist and producer Ricky Rebel. Show Pony is usually portrayed as wearing a blue helmet, white crop top with the word 'NOISE' printed on the front in black, white leggings and roller skates. It has also been speculated that they wear a chest binder under the crop top.


Show Pony was seen in the beginning of the Na Na Na video, delivering a vinyl to Dr. Death Defying. The SURVEILLANCE VIDEO 1D showed Show Pony roller skating, possibly before the beginning of the Na Na Na video.

Show Pony was last seen at the end of the SING video, helping The Girl into the van with Dr. Death Defying in Battery City, at BL/ind's facility. Show Pony has not been seen in the The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comic as of yet, nor is there much background information on them. They appear in one panel of the comic in the girl's flashback

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