Route Guano Sign

Route Guano Sign

A road out in the Zones, usually patroled by the Dracs and watched carefully with spy units by BLI. This sign is referenced in the music video 'Na Na Na' by My Chemical Romance. This road is also referenced in the talking spiel of Dr. Death in 'Jet Star and Kobra Kid : Traffic Report', stating that in a stunt, the two killjoys were ghosted on the road. This road is also seen at the start of the music video 'Na Na Na' when Show Pony is seen roller blading up to the Station Shack. Route Guano is also known as "The Getaway Mile", referenced in the song "Bulletproof Heart".

References :

The 'Na Na Na' music video and the '1D Survelliance' on the MCR youtube channel were my references, along with the short 'Jet Star and Kobra Kid : Traffic Report'. Also referenced was the song "Bulletproof Heart".

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