Ray guns

The ray guns are the weapon of choice for both killjoys and BL/ind. Ray guns can be obtained at the vending machines, but come in standard white. The killjoys decorate their ray guns and they often become a source of identity (Yellow = Party Poison, Green = Fun Ghoul, Blue = Jet Star, Red = Kobra Kid). They emit a high-powered blast that is lethal upon contact. BL/ind security guards at the BL/ind headquarters use a larger raygun than the standard handgun type raygun.

The BL/ind security raygun.

All models of raygun pictured above apear to be "The Individual" models. The particular model as stated on the BL/ind website is sold out and costs about $15000 so theft or looting is the most likely means of obtaining this make and model.

Behind the scenesEdit

The BL/ind security guards' ray guns appear to be white MP5A2 models with minor modifications, such as the removal of the magazine. A logo is also visible on the side of the buttstock.

Mechanics (contains conjecture, needs confirmation)Edit

The mechanics behind the presence of rayguns my be atributed to moore's law where the level of technology of technology increases exponentialy.

The raygun due to their name, nature, and function appear to be a form of directed energy weapon. Though technological limitations could have been bypassed for plot reasons as current forms of energy weaponry are large, bulky, and require massive power sources, the ray guns may not be completely electromagnetic. The shots from the rayguns are visible from an off angle, suggesting an ultra light and/or plentiful material that is used as a medium to translate energy. The most likely candidate is plasma as it can be made from energizing air in the surrounding atmosphere and can be propeled using electromagnetic rails or coils (the rail version is more likely in the pistol type).

The weapons also appear to lack the need to reload as all weapons in the current era do. This may be attributed to the hyper-extended lifespan of batteries as when the draculoids are scrambled, there appears to be batteries issued with the weapon [citation needed] or could have been omitted for scripting or plot reasons. The reloading could simply be done off camera.