Party Poison


Party Poison (Gerard Way)

Name: Party Poison
Nicknames: Party, The Leader, Poison, Meme Machine, Lord of all Emos, Sassy Diva, Sheriff of Emo Town, Gared Weh, Gerd Wah
Faction: Killjoys
Gender: Male (Presumed)
Age: 15-17 in comics
Features: Red hair and dead Pegasus jacket, yellow mask and raygun. Also has the most smexi jawline
Status: Deceased Nov.18 2019
Birth Date: Unspecified
Affiliates: The Fabulous Killjoys
Weaknesses: Kobra Kid, The Girl,
Relationship: Fun Ghoul

Party Poison was the leader of the Fabulous Killjoys, recognizable by their bright red hair and yellow ray gun. They are the older sibling of Kobra Kid (Mikey Way) They were portrayed by lead singer of My Chemical Romance (MCR) Gerard Way. In the videos for "Na Na Na" and "SING", they wear a blue motocross jacket advertising the Dead Pegasus petroleum company. They alternate between wearing a yellow clown mask and a MouseKat mascot helmet.  

In Dr. Death Defying's transmission CD release party special, Dr. Death Defying mentions Party Poison and Fun Ghoul partying with android girls (porno droids).

They, along with the rest of the Killjoys, died in 2019 at the BLI/nd Headquarters saving The Girl.[1][2][3]



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