Jet Star
Jet star 2

Jet Star (Ray Toro)

Name: Jet Star
Nickname: Jet, Star, God, PRINCESS FRO FRO
Faction: Killjoys
Gender: Male (presumed)
Age: 15-17 in comics
Features: Black American flag jacket, lightning bolt helmet, sunglasses/eyepatch, curly hair
Status: Deceased as of 2027
Birth Date: Unknown
Affiliates: The Fabulous Killjoys
Weakness: The Girl

Jet Star was one of the founding members of the Fabulous Killjoys. He is played by My Chemical Romance (MCR) guitarist Ray Toro. Jet Star is most often seen wearing a black jacket with an American flag on the back, a lightning bolt gas helmet and sunglasses, though he has been portrayed in some media as wearing an eye patch rather than glasses.

He seems to be a poor shooter. This could be because he is missing an eye, although this seems to be an inconsistency.[citation needed]

He, along with the rest of the Killjoys, died in 2027, while at the BLI/nd Headquarters saving The Girl.[1][2][3]


  • Fanon interpretations of the Killjoys often utilize information about the My Chemical Romance members to portray them to fill in backstory details that weren't mentioned in the videos, comics, or other supplementary material. As such, headcanons about Jet Star's background often are shared with Ray Toro.



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