Fun Ghoul


Fun Ghoul (Frank Iero)

Name: Fun Ghoul
Nickname: Ghoulie, Mr. Steal Yo Ghoul
Precious Green Shooting Man, The Short One, Twitter Bully, Roast Machine, Lean Green Meme Machine, A precious gift from the gods, Frank Oreo.
Faction: Killjoys
Gender: Male (presumed)
Age: 15-17 in comics
Features: T%T Vest and Tattoos
Status: Deceased as of 2027
Birth Date: Unknown
Affiliates: The Fabulous Killjoys
Weakness: The Girl, Party Poison and actual poison.
Relationship: Party Poison

Fun Ghoul was one of the founding members of the Fabulous Killjoys, recognizable by his numerous tattoos, green ray gun, and long, messy black hair. He is portrayed by My Chemical Romance (MCR) guitarist Frank Iero. He wears a T%T vest, black and yellow striped shirt and a wristband. He is also sometimes depicted as wearing an off-color Frankenstein mask.

Ghoul is caring, rebellious and a great shooter. He may or may not have an explosion fetish, which in turn may or may not be the reason he may or may not wear hearing aids sometimes.[citation needed] It is rumoured that his name was based on an Italian insult, 'ba fungul', meaning 'fuck you'.[citation needed] Known for "stealing you Girl, Man or whatever you have."

In Dr. Death Defying's transmission CD release party special, Dr. Death Defying mentions Party Poison and Fun Ghoul partying with android girls (porno droids).

He, along with the rest of the Killjoys, died in 2027 while at the BLI/nd Headquarters saving The Girl.[1][2][3]


  • Fanon interpretations of the Killjoys often utilize information about the My Chemical Romance members to portray them to fill in backstory details that weren't mentioned in the videos, comics, or other supplementary material. As such, headcanons about Fun Ghoul's background often are shared with Frank Iero. This also impacts shipping, as the pairing of Party Poison and Fun Ghoul parallels that of popular MCR ship Frerard, the pairing of Gerard Way, who portrayed Party Poison and Frank Iero.


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