Masked agents of S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W. According to Dr. Death Defying's banter during his transmission CD release party special, some of them are his former war buddies who were forced to become Dracs. When a Draculoid mask is put on someone they become a Drac.


They appear to be Better Living Industries' first, last, and only armed forces. Even though most of them are supposed to be well trained, in the music videos, they are massacred by the killjoys with little relative effort. This can bring into question the actual quality of the Draculoids, the skill of the killjoys, and if there are new recruits that are trained badly.

In any case, there can be speculation as to the reason behind BL/ind's treatment of the Draculoids. There is very strong suggestive evidence that BL/ind sees draculoids as simply expendable assets. This could possibly only apply to "green" Draculoids that have not had any combat experience and would also explain their getting mowed down by a killjoy driveby at a well manned and prepared security checkpoint. Another anomally also presents itself where the supposed elite units are sent after the Killjoys with simply handgun models of raygun instead of the documented submachinegun variants that are well within the production capacity of such a mega-corporation.

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