Before adding or editing pages to this wiki please read the following guidelines:

What you should post

  • Setting items from the Danger Days and California 2019 world. Details about characters, places, items, events, etc are appropriate.
  • References to where the information originated. Did you get this info from a video? The MCR Twitter? Let us know.
  • Information about the album, the music, its inspiration and creation, and links to interviews or source materials.

What you should not post

  • Fan fiction. We will open up fan contribution segments as the content on the wiki matures.
  • Danger Days material not sourced from My Chemical Romance or their affiliates.
  • Information about My Chemical Romance music or settings unrelated to Danger Days.
  • Copyrighted images, music, or videos.

A Note on Fan Sourced Material

It is increasingly difficult to determine what material originates from My Chemical Romance versus fan created contributions. Please mark any material that has a vague origin as such.


Please tag all entries with one or more categories.