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Better Living Industries, also known as BL/ind and BLi, is the megacorporation in Battery City.

Events in the Danger Days universe indicate that Better Living Industries may actually be a conglomerate, or a corporation that takes part in many non-relevent industries. This is notable due to it's stranglehold on the battery industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and agriculture. Although, due to the presence of Dead Pegasus (a petroleum corporation) inside the zones, it may not be the only significant power in Battery City. In short though, It continues to run as a quasi-government entity in Battery City in which it monitors that everyday lives of the citizens, presumably collecting something similar to taxes.

Seemingly focused on keeping the citizens of Battery City docile, BL/ind seems to rely on drugs catered to individuals that negate their emotions completely, or that give them a specific emotion.

There are anomalies present. It is very strange how it managed to stay together or even arise in the first place, considering that it's monopoly on almost everything all but eliminates the pressure of political and economic competition that creates corporations in the first place.

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