Battery City, informally referred to as Bat City, is the great metropolis at the center of the wasteland in 2019. It is a dystopia of peace and conformity. There is no danger, but there is no excitement. The outside Zones, ranging from 1-6[1], are where the Killjoys and others that refuse the authority of Better Living Industries call home. A seventh zone has been opened by 2039.[2]

The city and the zones are located in Southern California, which was destroyed during the "Great Fires" in 2012. In the lyric video for "Na Na Na", Battery City is shown to be (or be around the vicinity of) what used to be Los Angeles.[3][4]


A map of Battery City and the surrounding zones as of 2019, shown in the "Na Na Na" lyric video

While Battery City itself is a vast cityscape several kilometers in diameter, the surrounding zones are progressively more and more desolate. While Battery City has various controls in place to insure pleasant weather conditions for the populace, the zones are not so lucky, being subject to weather highs often in the hundreds of degrees and other hazardous conditions, like acid rain.[5][6]

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